5 Proven Ways Live Chat Can Boost Your Shopify Store

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Customer Service is one of the essential aspects of growing your Shopify store. Here we look at the key benefits store owners have seen from implementing live chat support

Customer Service is one of the essential aspects of growing your Shopify store. Some small, low-volume stores may survive without a proper customer support strategy. However, growing and larger stores need an efficient process to answer customer questions about your products, shipping, and refunds.

Traditional support methods like email and phone are slow, impersonal or expensive. Poor support also directly impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty and, most importantly, sales!

That’s where a live chat solution for your Shopify store comes in.

Live chat can positively impact your store by providing immediate assistance and personalized support. Here we look at the key benefits store owners have seen from implementing live chat support

1. Increase sales

An indecisive customer is unlikely to convert into a sale. So can live chat boost sales?

Well yes! A study by Forrester found that customers who use live chat are 2.8x more likely to purchase than those who don’t. So providing customers with immediate assistance during buying process is essential.

Chat agents can help customers feel more confident in their purchase decisions by answering questions, providing product recommendations, and promoting special offers. All this helps contribute to a higher conversion rate.

2. Build relationships

The ability to communicate with your customers through live chat is an excellent way for you to establish relationships with them and give them a better understanding of you and your company. As a result, you can increase the likelihood of repeat customers and increase customer loyalty.

3. Improve customer satisfaction

Live Chat Customer Satisfaction NPS

Live chat can help you to improve customer satisfaction by providing a way for customers to get help quickly and easily. Studies have shown that customers who use live chat are more likely to be satisfied with their experience.

That positive experience will likely be converted to positive reviews on your store, as 81% of consumers are likely when you provide an exceptional experience [LocalConsumer]. Positive reviews are one of the main purchasing criteria for consumers.

4. Reduce costs

Traditional support channels like phone and email can be time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, live chat can reduce support costs by providing immediate assistance and resolving issues more efficiently. By automating routine tasks and providing real-time support, live chat can help online stores improve their support efficiency and reduce costs.

By using an outsourcing partner, such as TheseHumans, you can start providing 24×7 chat cover without the high overheads of hiring.

5. Customer insights

We know businesses have limited budgets for marketing and expansion, so it’s even more important to focus on areas with the most significant impact.

Live chat can be used to collect valuable customer insights that can help inform business decisions. By tracking customer interactions and analyzing chat transcripts, online stores can gain insights into common pain points, product feedback, and customer preferences.

This information can be used to improve the overall customer experience, optimize product offerings, and inform marketing and advertising strategies.

How to get started?

Launching live chat on your Shopify store can sound daunting. You may be worried about how you will be able to respond to chat messages while running your business or the additional cost of staffing the chat queue.

Shopify App store - Live chat

There are numerous live chat tools available through the Shopify App store, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular below:


Gorgias is a helpdesk and customer service platform designed for e-commerce. It connects to your Shopify store, enabling agents to see orders and store information. The Gorgias live chat widget can be easily integrated into your store page.

Gorgias has a rating of 4.3/5 on the Shopify App Store.

Pricing starts from $10 per month with a 7-day free trial.


With the LiveChat widget on your Shopify store, you can engage visitors by inviting them into a chat session or letting them initiate one themselves. The LiveChat app displays cart information and order history.

LiveChat has as 4.1 rating on the Shopify App Store

Pricing starts from $19 per month.


ZenDesk is a complete ticket management system with thousands of integrations available, a Knowledge base, ChatBots and analytic dashboards.

Pricing starts from $49 with no limits on the number of tickets.

How to staff your Chat queue

You may be unsure how to implement and configure a chat tool, integrate it with your store, or find the time and staff to respond to customers promptly.

TheseHumans can help in 3 ways.

  1. Recommend and set up the live chat software on your store for free. If you already have a chat tool, no problem; we work with your existing tool.
  2. Provide agents trained on your brand to answer and respond to customer queries and drive sales on your store.
  3. Reduce your cost by providing the right coverage level when needed. Our team can determine your return on investment when using TheseHumans to provide fantastic customer service.

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