Human Support Teams in an Instant

Providing the people and tools to provide amazing customer service.

Real human agents on-demand to significantly reduce your support costs and improve customer satisfaction

Human Agents helping growing businesses

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Live Agents, better CX

No need to hire staff! Our UK agents can provide 24/7 coverage.

Goodbye to frustrating, automated customer service experiences.

Hello human-provided chat support.

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Every Conversation Brings more revenue

Widen your outreach by providing extended phone and chat coverage.

No interaction goes unanswered. No sale gets missed

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Support teams On-demand

Cover busy sale periods, staff sickness or viral hits.

We resource your chat and phone queues when you need it.

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Start in Days not Months

Our dedicated team are ready to go.

We can use your existing software or provide the tools you need to start

TheseHumans will delight your customers

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Omni-channel support, lead qualification and customer onboarding

Grow your business faster with best-in-class outsourced customer support.


Boost sales and make sure your shopper’s questions and queries are answered.

One-click integration to Shopify or Etsy stores. We are ready to provide amazing customer support!

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Live Chat Support Shopify Outsource
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Let your sales team focus on growing your business.
TheseHumans are ready to start answering your calls and help you beat the competition


Your Business

Proud to be graduating from The Pros Institute. The high level of the courses and the dedication to the students was amazing. Truly thankful!

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Works with the tools you love

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Outsourced Support to Grow your business

✔ No Commitment

✔ Cover when you need it

✔ Agents who understand your business

✔ Never miss a sale or customer 

Live Chat is helping thousands of business increase sales, provide technical support and answer customer questions.

Finding, recruiting and employing staff to cover phone and chat queues can be expensive and time-consuming. TheHumans provides the cover you need, when you need it.

What makes TheseHumans unique?

We belive human-based support provides the optimal the best experience, and customers agree! Our 100% human service means you custoemrs are always talking to a real-human NEVER a bot.

What does it cost?

Despite offering 100% human-based service we can offer this service at a significantly reduced cost to hiring in-house.

We use intelligent AI to support our agents and get them the information they need to service queries quickly and efficiently.

Human support at a significantly reduced cost.

What type of businesses do you help?

We support small, medium and ambitious growing companies to scale faster by outsourcing some or all of their customer support team.

Estate Agencies, SaaS businesses, startups and physical stores all benefit from TheseHumans outsourced support

Whats New

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